15th International TELLSI Conference

20 Wednesday September 2017  |  فارسی  |   |   | 
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 Pre-Conference Professional Development Courses

  Creating opportunities for out-of-class language learning and use

Presenter: Dr. Garold Murray (Okayama University, Japan)

The purpose of this workshop is to explore possible solutions to one of the biggest problems faced by English language learners and educators in foreign language contexts: the lack of opportunities to use the language outside of the classroom. Based on developments in Japan over the past two decades, I suggest that one way to address this concern is to create social spaces for language learning, which integrate self-access materials and services. By social learning spaces, I mean places learners can come together in order to learn with and each other. The underlying premise is that through their interaction in these facilities learners can generate a wide variety of opportunities for language learning and use outside the classroom setting. The intended outcome is for administrators, teachers and policymakers to leave the workshop with not only a vision but a plan for an innovative facility designed to meet the needs of learners at their institution.

The workshop will begin with a brainstorming session in which the participants identify the needs of local and international students as well as those of workers and administrators. The workshop leader will then present a conceptual model for a social learning space in a university setting. Working in small groups, participants will explore how relevant components of this model might be adapted to suit their context. This will include discussing services and activities that could be offered in the new facility. Following their discussion, each group will draw a layout or floorplan for this space on which they indicate the various features they feel should be included. To conclude the workshop, the groups will share their vision for a social learning space by presenting their floorplans to the other participants and briefly outlining their ideas for activities and services to be offered. 

Teaching Language, Teaching Life Skills: Incorporating 21st Century Learning Skills in Language Teaching

Presenter: Prof. Mehdi Riazi, Macquarie University, Australia

In this professional development course, I’ll firstly introduce and discuss the concept of 21st-century skills, what they encompass and why they are important to consider. I will then discuss what it means to be a language teacher in terms of the required knowledge bases and skills. The third part of the course will include ways of incorporating some of the 21st–century skills in a coherent model of teaching, learning, and assessment. I will argue that some traditional (conventional) concepts such as “assessment of learning” (AoL) need to be reconceptualised into “assessment for learning” (AfL) in line with more recent approaches to teaching and learning.
 The course will be interactive in that participants will reflect on their teaching and learning experiences and how they think the 21st-century skills might work for them. 

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